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LEDs, HMIs, Tungston, KinoFlo, Kits, Generators, Distro and Cable Packages

LED PANELS:Price/DayPrice/Week
1' x 1' Bi-Color Panel w/ AC/DC Back$35.00$105.00
Bi-Color Panel Kit w/ (3) 1' x 1' Panels AC/DC Back$100.00$300.00
IDX-95 V-Mount Battery$25.00$75.00
IDX Dual Charger$20.00$60.00
IDX Quad-Simultaneous Charger$30.00$90.00
Z-180 Panel 8" x 4.5" w/ Diff, Gels, NP-F Battery$25.00$75.00
Z-96 Panel 5" x 33.5" w/ Diff, Gels, NP-F Battery$20.00$60.00
LED PUNCH & JAB:Price/DayPrice/Week
AadynTech PUNCH LED* w/ Diffusers and Frames (like a 2.5K HMI)$200.00$600.00
AadynTech JAB LED* Light Kit - Daylight "Par" LED (like an 800w HMI)$150.00$450.00
*Runs on a PutPut genny  
DMX LEDs:Price/DayPrice/Week
LED Par RGBAW Wireless DMX, Battery Powered$30.00$90.00
LED Par Cans$25.00$75.00
DMX Control Boards and Cable Packagescall for quote 
RF/Wireless Traffic Analyzer$100.00 
KINO FLO:Price/DayPrice/Week
Celeb 200 Bi-Color LED DMX$100.00$300.00
4' 4-Bank Select$70.00$210.00
2' 4-Bank Select$60.00$180.00
4' 2-Bank Select$40.00$120.00
2' 2-Bank Select$30.00$90.00
4' Single Select$25.00$75.00
AC/DC MiniFlo Kit (2 x 9" Lamps)$60.00$180.00
Harnesses, Splitters, Combiners$5.00$15.00
KF Lamps - 55, 32, 29$5.00$15.00
12K Fresnel Flicker Free$750.00$2,250.00
2.5K Par$300.00$900.00
1.2K Par$200.00$600.00
575 Par$150.00$450.00
200 Par$125.00$375.00
6K Bag Light w/ Medium Chimera$110.00$330.00
5K Fresnel$75.00$225.00
2K Fresnel or Open Face$45.00$135.00
2K Zip Light (Soft Light)$45.00$135.00
1K Fresnel or Open Face$35.00$105.00
650w Tweeny Fresnel or Open Face$30.00$90.00
300w Mini Fresnel or Open Face$25.00$75.00
200w Mini$20.00$60.00
150w Mini$20.00$60.00
Par 64 (specify globe)$10.00$30.00
Source 4 Leko 25-50 deg. zoomable 575w or 750w$50.00$150.00
Misc. Practicals and Fixturescall for quote 
Arri 300/150 Kit (2 x 150, 2 x 300)$120.00$360.00
Arri 650/300 Kit (2 x 300, 2 x 650)$125.00$375.00
Arri DP Kit (2 x 650, 1 x 1K OF)$130.00$390.00
Arri 1K Kit (3 x 1K)$130.00$390.00
Desisti Open Face Kit (2 x 1K, 1 x 650 OF)$90.00$270.00
Rings - Small$5.00$15.00
Rings - Large$10.00$30.00
Rings - Adjustable$15.00$45.00
Pancake / Lanters$30.00$90.00
Video Pro Bank$30.00$90.00
Daylight Bank$40.00$120.00
Quartz Bank - Medium$45.00$135.00
Quartz Bank - Large$50.00$150.00
900Amp Distro Box$85.00$255.00
600Amp Distro Box$65.00$195.00
100Amp Lunchbox$25.00$75.00
100Amp Gang Box$15.00$45.00
60Amp Gang Box$15.00$45.00
2/0 or 4/0 Cable 100' Individual Cable$15.00$45.00
2/0 or 4/0 Cable 50' Individual Cable$10.00$30.00
Banded 50' #2 5-Wire Cable$20.00$60.00
Bates 200V 50' Cable$18.00$54.00
Bates 110V 100Amp 50' Cable$15.00$45.00
Bates 110V 100Amp 25' Cable$10.00$30.00
Bates 60Amp 50' Cable$12.00$36.00
Bates 60Amp 25' Cable$8.00$24.00
100Amp / 2x-100Amp Splitter$12.00$36.00
100Amp / 2x-60Amp Splitter$10.00$30.00
#10 AC Extensions - 50' or 100'$5.00$15.00
#12 AC Extensions - 100'$5.00$15.00
#12 AC Extensions - 50'$4.00$12.00
#12 Stingers - 25' / 15' / 10'$3.00$9.00
Cube Taps, Split Ends, Power Strip$1.00$3.00
1K Dimmers$3.00$9.00
2K Dimmers$5.00$15.00
Snake Bites$15.00$45.00
Threefers - Hard (ea.)$2.00$6.00
Threefers - Soft (ea.)$4.00$12.00
Suicide Camlock (turnarounds)$2.00$6.00
Adaptors - Camlock or Pin$5.00$15.00
Bare Ends / Tie-Ins / Tricos - Set$20.00$60.00
50Amp Spider Box w/ GFCI Circuits$30.00$90.00
50Amp Twist Lock Cable 6/3-8/1 - 50'$15.00$45.00
30Amp Twist Lock Cable - 50' or 25'$10.00$30.00
Assorted Twist Lock and Edison Adaptors$5.00$15.00
Cable Trough / Yellowjackets / Crossovers$10.00$30.00
2K Honda Sync/Blimped Generator$75.00$300.00
3K Honda Sync/Blimped Generator$125.00$500.00
7K Honda Blimped Generator$200.00$800.00
Tow Plants - Assorted Sizes$1,000.00$4,000.00
30Amp Brickverter (110V AC)$25.00$100.00
1.8K Pro-Sine DC-AC Inverter$50.00$200.00
Duz All (Head Cart)$25.00$75.00
Cable Cart$20.00$60.00
Hand Carts$5.00$15.00
Travel Cases$5.00$15.00
Road Cases$10.00$30.00
Work Lights - Dual-Head 750w w/ Stand$10.00$30.00
See Grip page.  
As used except for special orders.  

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